This nutrient-dense blend draws on a number of natural ingredients that possess traditional therapeutic uses.  Our ancestors used bioactive-rich strawberry and blackberry leaves to make poultices and tisanes that were used to combat everything from the common cold to inflammation & diabetes.  American natives have long maintained that Echinacea holds the key to preventing a variety of illnesses and infections.  Add the Queen of Herbs, Tulsi, with bits of cranberry and the result is an antioxidant-rich blend that helps “nip it in the bud” when you feel it coming on.  The best side-effect is it’s stunning flavor – refreshing with a subtle tart character.  Enjoy & feel better! 


Echinacea, strawberry leaves, blackberry leaves, tulsi (holy basil) leaves, chamomile, safflower petals, cranberry pieces, natural flavors (organic compliant)