Caffeine & Infusion Guide


Most people are surprised to learn that black, oolong, green, white & puerh tea leaves are all from the same species, an evergreen plant called Camellia Sinensis.  The differences in taste & caffeine levels evolve from the way the tea leaves are processed.

The following caffeine levels are based on milligrams per 8oz of infused tea. For reference, 8oz of brewed Coffee has 95mg on average.

Tea Caffeine Content
Botanical & Rooibos 0mg
Decaf 5-10mg
White 10-15mg
Green 15-30mg
Oolong 30-45mg
Black & Puerh 60-75mg
Mate 70-85mg


Every tea on our website has it’s own infusion guide specific to the ingredients & tea type. The instructions listed are recommended for optimum taste & quality.

The amount of tea used to infuse an 8oz serving.

We recommend using natural spring water for the best taste possible.

The water temp is Fº. We recommend steeping in ceramic or glass.

Proper infusion time is essential for getting the perfect balance of flavor & tannins.