Our Purpose at Tea District is to enhance the collective health & well-being of Humanity by inspiring a Lifestyle that includes Natural & Organic Loose Leaf Tea.


We offer only the highest quality natural & organic teas from around the World.

We care deeply about our Environment & Community.

We enjoy satisfying & delighting our Customers.

We support the well-being of our Team Members, Suppliers & all Stakeholders.

We are Conscious in everything we do!


Tea District is a Humanity Plus company whose contribution is to position Tea as the beverage of choice for a healthier World.

Our branding & marketing inspires a Lifestyle that embodies all aspects of health & well-being…Active, Adventurous, Conscious, Fun, Fit, Spiritual & Delicious!

We educate & inform people on the benefits of Tea, and how it “Nourishes the Totality of You…Body∞Mind∞Soul.”

We hope our business philosophy resonates with YOU! Thank you for being a Tea District customer!!!